Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I really enjoy trying to get photographs of the butterflies visiting in our garden beds.

This morning I nearly stepped on this beauty, out fanning its wings on the front walkway.Even though I walked close by, it seemed unconcerned and stayed put for over an hour. That made me think it might be newly emerged, perhaps drying out its wings before taking off to eat.As it turns out, I probably suck at identifying butterflies nearly as much as I do hummingbirds. It always seems the ones I capture with my camera are never quite the same as the ones used as poster children for a particular type.I think this is a Gulf Fritillary. Maybe. Perhaps a Julia Longwing which is a more southerly cousin not quite so common in these parts. If you know, feel free to comment. Otherwise, here you go...some sort of fritillary, captured as it prepared to enjoy the slightly cooler September mornings.

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