Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My last post I indulged in a bit of online hand wringing about whether or not it was safe to plant seeds with a hurricane potentially drawing a bead on Texas' Gulf Coast.Today I decided on a compromise. We might get torrential rains, we might get a nice soaking rain, or we might not get a drop.I put some of the seeds I bought into the ground, knowing that if I stick to areas easily reached with the hose I can keep the ground evenly moist while the baby plants - lettuces mostly - germinate and reach a size where they can take care of themselves.To hedge that bet, I held aside some of the seeds with packaging notes indicating they did not germinate particularly well in hot soil.Past sucess with Mizuna has me hopeful that in the weeks to come we will have a variety of these other greens - Arugula, Mache, Mesclun - to harvest in our own back yard.

It won't freeze for months yet. With the promise of Fall's cooler temperatures, I am hopeful the more sensitive greens I am waiting to plant will thrive later in our season.Gardening is an act of optimism. Politics are making my head hurt lately. I am glad to have something more positive to expend energy on!

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