Thursday, September 11, 2008

He's Got Potential

One of the problems with hurricanes has nothing to do with water. It is all about the wind. Ike, currently reported as having maximum sustained winds of 100 mph, is predicted to continue to strengthen as it nears the Texas coast.

So just as troubling as the storm surges and flooding rains are for those along the coast, for those of us further inland along a potentially predicted path, it will be the strong winds we can expect as a major concern.Ike is currently showing a larger wind field - the area extending from the center where winds are hurricane strength - than Katrina.

Looking around my yard this morning, I not only see a series of garden beds that could use a soaking rain, but I also now note a handful of garden decor items that come become potentially dangerous projectiles with the application of high winds.So one of the things I will be doing in preparation for Ike if he does look to be heading our way rather than turning north and east, is to be scampering around my garden beds and fencing, searching out and taking inside anything that could be launched as a suburban garden to garden missile.As to somehow shielding things like my egglant,the finally productive tomato or the two Meyer Lemon trees? Don't know how much help I can offer them. I'm mulling that one over.

I realize this is all really nothing compared to the folks along the coast who are faced with evacuations and the potential to lose their homes or livelihood, or for some, perhaps even their lives.The Red Cross says they are ready. They'll need lots of help, however. If you want to volunteer or donate - just click here.

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