Friday, September 26, 2008

Roll Out the Barrels!

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It finally happened.  We at long last downloaded the forms, went to the warehouse and bought our rain barrels.  

I say "we" - most of the heavy lifting there was done by my Better Half.

Now that our new roof is on and we are only waiting to have our new gutters and downspouts installed, it was time for us to join the growing numbers of folks who are conserving the rain water off their roofs and holding it to be used on their plants.  

The City of Austin program makes this easy to do. The barrels come complete with the accessories you will need to handle overflow in heavy rain situations, to hook parallel additional barrels up if you have the space and want the volume, to keep litter out, and they even help you with mosquito control information. Pretty much the complete package.

With water prices (extremely) high in Rollingwood, and increasing demand making that likely to trend up, rather than down, it only makes sense to do what we can to use the water coming off our roof. We figure when it finally does rain again here, these barrels will pay for themselves in less than a couple of years.A quick glance at the economic news and it is clear to us as newly/nearly retired folk. Saving money by reducing water use and by capturing and reusing the water running off our roof just makes sense.

If you are interested in the checking the plan out for your own yard just click here. The prices for the barrels go up October 1st. Why wait?

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