Friday, April 2, 2010


Tis' the season....
For Spring bulbs and wild flowers...

For observant faithful to celebrate Passover and Easter....

For me to hide indoors most of the time, ducking further exposure to tree pollen.

My wish for you is to be able to fully enjoy the flowers, the warmer temperatures, the garden coming back alive after winter's cold, and, if you are celebrating religious holy days, the gathering of friends, family and fellow faithful as you enter into the centuries old rites and rituals.


  1. be jolly?
    I'm not. By the sound of it neither are you.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again: I was getting a little worried that the enforced solitude was getting to you.
    BTW, euphemisms never work for me. If you want me to blogger off, you will have to be more precise, I'm afraid.
    Now, there's a true British English euphemism for you. Afraid?

    That photo seems so ordinary: a Narcissus and a bottle-tree. But somehow it is getting to me. The perspective I presume. I've come back twice now to try and find out what it is that attracts me so. Clever stuff. Are you going 'green'?

  2. Jo! Always delightful to hear from you. Blogger off, indeed. I'm still chortling....

    I was away from computers for a run of days and have good books to read and must admit got out of the habit of reading and commenting to some extent. Inexcusable, I know....


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