Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Can Be Easy

being green....

A leek root salvaged from a batch of Ginger Fried Rice was water rooted, transplanted into the garden and allowed to grow.  I love the sculptural shapes even more than the tiny clumps of flowers after they open.


  1. Looks like a little living cathedral. Glad you have this celebration in your garden.

    Hope your allergies are waning as we count down to the end of April.

  2. Kat: The shape is somewhat Russian Onion Dome isn't it but then hey....maybe THAT is where somebody got the idea... Hmmm....

    With a few good rains I should be outdoors and playing "catch-UP!" in the garden in a week or so. Huzzah!

  3. Hiya Deb,
    A culinary entry.
    I loved that purple explosion and often just grew leek for its flowers.
    BTW, you seemed a little bewildered by my GBBD display. Most plants were indoors or in the fruitcage. My s-g strawberry post reveals all.
    We are in need of rain too. I have already used up two 300 liter rainbarrels. Hope the rain will set you free.

  4. A lovely picture and lovely idea to reconnect dinner to the garden. Really great, such delicious leeks are so expensive. Great submission! I've had luck too, just planting the cut ends directly into the garden. . .


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