Monday, April 12, 2010

Dashing Out and Dropping In

Just because I am precluded from spending time out of doors due to a sincere wish to keep breathing without breaking the world record for most sneezes in a row, does not mean the garden is lying fallow.

Far from it.

Just about everything I can see out there is blooming up a storm.
Every so often I can't stand how restricted the view of the flowers from our windows is, so I dash out with camera in hand and try to take as many photos as I can while holding my breath.  It kind of works out.

Appropriately, April is Poetry Month. These flowers speak to my heart the way any good poem will do.

And, like a good poem, they beg to be shared.

Toadflax, laurel, oxtail, rose, bluebonnet, primrose, fleabane, varying allium, shasta, scarlet flax- arranged like so many stanzas in the poetry that is Springtime.


  1. How beautiful everything is!Pollen can be a nasty thing, it's starting to get a little better here.

  2. Deb, I'd be stir-crazy with all that wonderful stuff outside and me within. What about a mask?
    We are still stuck in the daf and tulip period. Those flowers look like high summer to me. Like sweets in a sweet shop with my face pressed against the shop window.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, Deb! Especially considering you were holding your breath. Hope you feel some relief soon.

  4. And what a splendid garden it is! Made my heart sing just to see your pictures of it.

    We're suffering pollen here too. And I've never been allergic to it before. Blankety blank.

  5. Beautiful photos! A few years ago, I discovered Nasonex (nose spray) and Patanol (eye drops), and now I laugh instead of sneezing at pollen. They are fast acting (even after exposure) and effective. Expensive, but last for a long time, too, since you only use them as necessary.

  6. The oaks are into the last bit of pollen frenzy - ought to be free to roam soon enough. Thanks for the allergy product endorsements but please understand I am not simply accepting my fate - I've seen plenty of doctors over the years. Some of us are simply more sensitive than others. And, this year the oaks were really loaded.

    Here's hoping for an afternoon of steady rain - that would be heavenly.

  7. Lovely photo collection! Luckily, I have a dust allergy, not I'm safer outdoors, only because I can't find anyone in the family who will dust...take care:) My husband has found recent relief from Zertec(sp?)after years of's working for now. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. I do hope the rain has washed away all that pollen so you can get outside again. I'm afraid I go crazy if I have to stay inside more than one day.


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