Friday, December 4, 2009


It took until nearly 1 PM and nothing is sticking (thank goodness!) but they did get it, in Austin Texas, it is S N O W I N G....

Share a thought for all the teachers in this area trying to get anything close to what was on their lesson plans accomplished now.

Naturally, I now have an errand to run to help ChefSon pick his car up from the dealer after repairs which means I have to drive in this rather than getting to brew up hot chocolate and enjoy the view out the window. Still, it is the elementary school teachers I feel for in all this. Good luck everybody!


  1. They will love it though, won't they? The kids I mean. This is an EVENT.
    Take a thermos in case you get stuck in the ten foot snow drifts and bring your tyre chains as well :-)
    Snow. You don't know what snow is. (I can hear the Northern States thinking).

  2. Jo you are entirely correct. We do not know snow around here. Having lived in Salt Lake City Utah for several years previously, I was introduced to snow and we got to be acquainted, but we never became all that friendly.

    I mostly enjoy snow as I fly over it in an airplane. It glistens very prettily.....


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