Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hanging by a thread

I consider myself a fairly busy person this holiday season although I took every precaution I could to space out obligations in order to keep stress to a minimum.Regardless, the other morning I was feeling stretched a bit thin when I noticed....

My "Good Morning" spider, the one with the web in our kitchen window I watch routinely as I pour my coffee, was busily respinning her web.

This was not due to damage so far as I could tell, but a choice made after she'd moved previously trapped and web silk encased food sources from the perimeter of the old web to a spider sized contrived pantry she'd built over by one side of the windowsill.It struck me. Here I am, thinking of myself as "taking care" of a patch of earth, while all the usual occupants are busy taking care of themselves, with no real help (although occasional hindrance) offered from me. How very human of me to believe I was in charge.

I raised my cup in salute to this busy webby wonder, and felt a certain lightness as I realized how very little I am truly responsible for in the larger sense.

I am hopeful you will each experience your own version of lightness and wonder this holiday season, in whatever form it may take.

May peace and joy find you wherever you live.


  1. Beautiful post, Deb. Thank you.

  2. Deb,
    The white tiles are my anchor in this glitzy world of yours :-)
    I'm with the spider: extend your property when you have the chance. Pity builders are never working in the same silent fashion.
    Your Christmas Card is HERE

  3. Hi Deb.
    What strange photographs these are!
    The tree, the spider and the strange glass face, with the brown face in the is the stuff of dreams I tell you! And what is that under the umbrella on the tree...I cannot imagine! Then there is the spider and her web, it looks like the glass face's eyes are following the spider on the window... (is that a Santa or a skull?)

    What a crazy scene!!!
    ESP. :-)

  4. Holiday greetings, ESP! I'mnot suprised your eye was caught by the juxtapositions.

    The spider has built a web outside my kitchen window, which looks inside upon a glass skull my daughter and I bought in New Orleans (years pre-Katrina) at NOLA, an art gallery featuring all local artists.

    We loved the goofy asymmetry of the skull and it has been grinning at me in my window ever since.

    The brown face is a coconut mask from Mexico (although my daughter/I found it here in Austin - we love to shop together!), I have several of them, and that umbrella over the porcelain tree is one of those quick fixes that take on a life of their own.

    There is supposed to be a plastic star atop that tree that sheds and shines the light from within, but it disappeared a year ago and although I still hold out hopes we will find it, the umbrella is a (poor) substitute tree topper until we do.

    Phew! But you asked! (kind of....).

  5. Iris, thank YOU. It is always a treat to discover you have been visiting here. JoCo - what a lovely thought to put out an online card to share with far flung digital friends. Quite what I am learning to expect from you, such thoughtfulness.. And your icon is perfection for the season. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Hiya,

    Did I detect a sign of (online-) life?

    That blue fish picture is really exceptional. It took all of Christmas to unfold for me ( kidding) and I finally saw it in all its glory.
    They ought to design a Picture This contest around it.
    And your Xmas tree solution is very satisfying.


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