Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pardon my saying so but....

The above is my entry for the October Picture This! contest. It is an arrangement from our mid-June '08 CSA share from the wonderful folks at Tecolote Farms.

This month's theme for the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This photo contest is "Abundant Harvest".

According to the judge for the contest, Saxon Holt, his friend and fellow gardener, Rosalind Creasy along with photographer David Cavagnaro invented the style - that of a basket spilling seemingly artlessly arranged produce.

I am not one to argue with judges as a rule, but I'll offer the suggestion that "abundant harvest style" is just as likely one previously planted in all our subconscious image storage bins seeded by years of viewing Thanksgiving Cornucopia arrangements.

No matter. Rosalind Creasy is a longstanding heroine of mine so I'll stop my quibbling. At the least it could easily be said Creasy and Cavagnaro perfected the Abundant Harvest look, OK? Onward.

While the artlessly-spilling-from-the-basket format was precisely where I began with photographs of our CSA baskets from Tecolote Farms last year, (the following shot from March '08) what I ended up with after playing with the photogenic produce a bit, gave me what I think of more as a still life style.

And maybe that was the intended takeaway - that artless look - which means I've missed the point of the assignment. D'oh! I decided not to overthink this - the contest is supposed to be fun despite picayune nattering from entrants like me.

Whether or not you are contest minded, do be sure to check out the Gardening Gone Wild website itself along with the typically stunning contest entries. There is a wealth of information and an embarrassment of photography riches there all ripe for your picking. Reading there is a ton more fun than weeding, and potentially just as beneficial.

One final reminder, click on any photo in the post to get a larger view and enjoy the details.


  1. Hiya TD,
    Nicely argued.
    I wondered too, and like you refused to overthink for a change.
    There is also the 'crop' versus 'harvest' aspect.But who cares. As long as we play a little.

    Impressive array of variously coloured produce (nonchalently) thrown together.

  2. Oh man! Now I know my stiffest competition (even though I haven't figured out my photo entry yet.) Your entry is perfect! It's the most perfect type of still life and has that kind of lighting that reminds me of a 17th-century (?--art history's not my specialty) painting. Very cool.

  3. i too wrestled with the before, after or enjoying the eating part of the harvest. i gave into the true reason i grow food in the first place to eat it. we also are a part of a csa and i love getting our weekly basket of goodness from farmers we know oh a first name basis. i love the colour combinations that the harvests give us and your photo displays that so well....good luck.
    happy autumn.

  4. Gorgeous. Good enough to eat and to paint. With photos like these I'm out of the contest.Good luck.

  5. Wow - I turn away from my monitor for a little while and look at all the goodness that shows up. Y'all are too kind and I know from having read (most of) your blogs you all have a strong point of view of your own. I'm honored being in your company so see? I've already won!

  6. That's a gorgeous still. I hope you made a fabulous dinner with it as well! Love the blabbermouth description on your profile. Makes me LOL!

  7. Welcome, Diana and thank you. I hope I did too (made a fab dinner I mean), can't recall exactly however. That's the trick with cooking isn't it? Do an amazing job and regardless, 6 hours later everybody expects a repeat! Good luck getting rid of those fire ants.

  8. great colors! Good luck in the contest!

  9. Thanks, Teresa. After your success in the rose contest I am looking forward to seeing your entry this go-round. This particular shot used daylight so I can't take any editing credit. The vegetables did all the work here....

  10. Wonderful photo! Really beautiful use of colour and light. Best of luck with the competition,

    RO :o)

  11. Thanks RO. The vegetables supplied the colors, the sun provided the light, I was just happy to have had a camera to capture the moment. Your pumpkin sunshine shot is vivid and gorgeous - the entries as usual are all wonderful. Best for me is the chance to visit and be visited by all sorts of new blogging buddies. Glad you dropped in!

  12. Great shot TD!

    It looks like something that would be set up in an art class, a still-life to sketch! Great photo woth a lot of atmosphere, hey, vegetables can have atmosphere, and you have proved it!
    Very moody.

    I wish you luck in the competition.

  13. Ha! Trust you, ESP to provide emotional narrative for a photo. Your gift with that is one of many reasons I so appreciate your blog. Thanks for the compliment - I especially appreciate that coming from you. Off topic - tried to leave a comment on your last post but it stated comments were closed. Wanted to share how much fun it was to tour the homeland with ye AND to see a shot of YourOwnSelf included.

  14. The light, the colors - simply gorgeous!

  15. Thanks Caroline. I had loads of fun reading your blog - I am so glad you dropped by to visit!

  16. MJ: I spent a lovely hour gazing at your paintings...I think my favorite, if I can claim to have only one, is "The Hotel". Something about the quality of the light in that one. I've been in that light, seen that way, and loved being reminded of it.

    Having seen such abundant evidence of your giftedness, your comment is especially treasured. Thanks very much for stopping in!

  17. I especially like in your shot that you've used the natural ligth, but kept the background, dark so the vegetables realy manage to grab the viewer's focus. Congratulations!

  18. Thanks, huni! That was mostly a fortunate accident but I liked the way it turned out. Please visit again (I PROMISE I will be posting regularly in the shiny shiny future).

  19. I'm going to try to post a comment again. I am doing something wrong because your spot has kept telling me I am entering illegal characters in my identification. Whatever.

    I absolutely love your photo and it threw me into complete despair when I saw it because I knew that it was much better than any shot I have gotten so far. I love the whole Rembrandt lighting thing that is going on in it. So instead of trying to win the selection of bulbs being offered, which I could definitely use, I decided to go all philosophical and have some fun. I'm so glad you enjoyed my tub of chard!

    I have been lurking for a while. If this comment goes through I want to take the opportunity to say that I think your kitchen herb garden is most definitely improved by the addition of the rocks. The herbs are going to like it too. I have plenty of rocks on my pile still, I'm going to go out and add more rocks to my herb garden. I have a piece of driftwood for it too.

    Bless you.

  20. HMH: Hello there! So glad you dropped in. I apologize for the recalcitrant comment prompt. I hate it when my blog is rude!

    Thanks for your kind words about the photo - it is one of my favorites. I'd talk about technique only I don't have any - I just take hundreds of photos and every once in a while I get a particularly nice shot.

    Don't count yourself out of those bulbs yet. I thought your shot was one of the most whimsical of the bunch and who knows what will strike the judge's fancy?

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the rocks around the herbs. I wish I had a large rock pile but I mostly rob Peter to pay Paul nowadays. I can't wait to see a shot of your rocks and driftwood - sounds divine!

  21. I think your entry is a real winner. It reminds me of a Dutch painting. I love it!


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