Friday, October 9, 2009

It takes a storm system this big....

I was out watering my vegetables and certain tender seedlings last night just in case.

I realize we had a 100 percent chance of heavy rain forecast for today but somehow I couldn't bring myself to trust the tired looking, wind beaten babies to what still seemed fickle fate. Plus we'd had several similarly high percentage forecasts revised down (WAY down) regularly lately as the storm systems moved to the North, East, South, or West of us. It was raining predictably anyplace but here.

I read reports of substantial rain all around us this past Sunday (for instance), but we didn't get drop one on our beds. This was great news for ACL Festers (we live close to Zilker) but no so great for the wildflower seedlings that are optimistically springing up here and there. I was happy for the Festers, sure, but they are not my concern. The seedlings are totally mine to fret about. As are the vegetable starts out there promising cool weather harvests to make up for the Summer of No Home Gardening Success To Speak Of.

So I watered a few choice plants late yesterday just in case. Which now I superstitiously will claim actually triggered the long lasting watering they are getting skywise today.

I can take a scientific stance about many things but rain? There I get very "shake a rattle at the sky" for some reason. Go figure.


  1. I did the same thing yesterday afternoon because it was SO warm and windy, and my veggie seedlings were looking parched. I'm so happy the sky fell for our little scheme!

  2. Oooh Iris. I should have known I had help in this rainmaking scheme. Good work!

  3. Perverse, isn't it?
    Don't you wish you had done this watering trick weeks ago?
    Actually, my hanging the laundry outside for the first time in my life ( after five weeks of not a drop), might have helped. Even though we are 3000 miles East of you. It worked here too.

  4. Joco - Shhhh, don't tell but I have been doing this watering trick all summer long only it didn't work then. Not once. Not that or washing the car windows or the house windows or any of the usual tricks worked here for months previously. So clearly it was you and your laundry that made the difference. My deepest thanks and if you please, won't you hang laundry out about once every 5-7 days for the foreseeable future? THANK YOU!


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