Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reports from the Battle Front

My battle against the tree rats is going fairly well so far. It has been nearly a week since I installed Rat Baffle Number One and no sightings of rats on the bird feeder since then.

I am not silly enough to think this is the end of the matter. Rats are too smart and too persistent to write off so blithely. I am hopeful however, that if I leave the baffle in place they will simply revert to other easier sources of nutrition. There are lots of ways for a rat to get what it needs nutritionally this time of year. My bird feeder just does not have to be one of the easiest resources.

Other than that, the oak pollen counts are still high, but I was able to enjoy some time out in the warmth of April in Central Texas this afternoon. I took several photos of this and that, the crickets that have been serenading us every day, blooming flowers here and there.

This is my favorite photo from the last batch.Bulbine Frutescens, not a Central Texas native but beautifully well adapted to our warm dry days.

I am content this evening, knowing I harvested some of our loquats to make jam for the first time. This might not loom large to anybody else, but for me it is another move towards becoming the kind of person who grows and preserves food, who lives in ways to support a version of life that is less detrimental to the world at large. It is a baby step in a good direction, and that is good enough for today....

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