Friday, December 2, 2011

Change in scenery

A house across the street from us sold last February or so.  We'd heard the plan was to remodel, but as of Thanksgiving, no work had gotten underway.  Then we got a letter from the new owners (apologizing in advance for noise, traffic,) that treated the project like very small potatoes - stating as no variances were needed they were sure their make over to a more livable home would be little to no trouble for the neighbors.

After reading the letter we relaxed, figuring they would be doing most of the work inside the existing structure.  Soon after the letter arrived a porta potty was set up.  The very next day a side deck was wrenched off and hauled away.  An iron gate and vintage looking light fixture all disappeared at some point in the process.  Surely to be re-used, we thought but then.....
We were shocked (and sure, a little entertained as well) when over the course of the next three days, a crew of two or three along with a front loader demolished the structure entirely.

So far no construction barrier has been erected.  I suppose any fencing would get too much in the way of loading up the bits and pieces of house into the series of delivered dumpsters.

That means the locals have had plenty of time to gawk close up at the new view....
Oh Deer(e) me.
  Not sure if this is an example of life imitating art or what.


  1. At least they put up a porta potty. Around here they don't seem to bother and just go in the woods! Always seems such a waste to me to pull everything down. Surely there are construction materials there that could be re-used. I am such a recycler and hate waste.

  2. Hi JRose, thanks for dropping in! I agree - it is taking everything in me not to go across the street and start rescuing salvage worthy lumber, etc. They actually loaded the windows with the curtains still hanging into the dumpster to haul off! No woods to speak around here so I am VERY glad the porta potty is supplied. At least with today's wet weather it is quiet over there so far. That is a blessing.

  3. A little remodel? Ha! Seems a bit of an understatement.
    Too bad they're trashing so much stuff. Does seem they could have salvaged something.

    Love the play on words...Deere and deer.

  4. Greetings Linda. I agree completely - it really grinds my gears to see so much usable material torn up and thrown out. It remains to be seen if our new neighbors will build a house as understated as their letter was. Somehow I doubt that.....

    Wordplay is my weakness. I simply can't resist - glad you agree. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. That's very sad. It bothers me a lot when an older, often well-made, structure is demolished. Many times the materials used in older structures are of better quality than what you see now, not to mention that it's such a HUGE waste and only adds to a bigger carbon footprint.

  6. Hello Anon (we are all friendly enough here I can call you Anon, yes?). Thanks for dropping in! I agree completely. It is very sad to see a structure reduced to its component parts in a way that leaves all of it bound for a landfill. We watched while windowframes were wrenched out and tossed into a dumpster with curtains still attached. Just mind boggling how careless that approach to resources is. It felt like any positive difference our entire family could have made by recycling so carefully over the years was just wiped out with the elimination of the house across the street.


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