Friday, November 11, 2011

Landscaping for free

Some people pay to have their property worked over.

They have crews show up with mowers and blowers and trimmers.....

No mowing or blowing here but plenty of trimming going on.  Unfortunately it is of the unscheduled, unsupervised, unplanned variety.
This Hibiscus has been taken back to its main stems.  I should have known better!

Check out my latest "landscaper" at work:

How many leaves and flowers do you suppose it takes to fill that buck's belly?

He certainly didn't move on because he was full.  His meandering down the street was prompted by my getting too close.  This buck has plenty of other yards to pilfer from sans photographers or frustrated gardeners either one.  To which I say "Yessir!  Move right along Bambi!  Nothing good left to eat around here!".


  1. Even holly tastes good when you're starving!

  2. We have those same kind of 'landscaping crews' here. They've even 'trimmed' the autumn sage.

  3. Linda: This is the first year I've had deer eating Lantana blooms right off the plant. In a tough year all those "deer resistant" monikers are up for debate I suppose.

    JRose: The deer around here don't look too starved, but I suppose that is easy for me to say. I only have to go to one place to find the food I'll need and they've got to scare up a belly full from scratch day in and day out. Hope you are recovering nicely from your Peepers Surgery!


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