Thursday, October 20, 2011

TO: Cooler Temps

FROM:  Central Texas

Trio of hanging Pomegranate blossoms
House Wrens are nesting here in the palm fibers
Salvia basking in the sun
Salvia again - this growing in dappled shade
Yes more salvia - this is its time of year to shine
OK maybe I have a little Salvia "problem"
 American Lady Butterfly (Vanessa virginiensis)
Fall Obedient Plant (yeah, amongst the SALVIAS)
What we call "Lisa's Lantana", marking the final resting spot of  a beloved family pet.


  1. I agree- the cooler weather is making everything shine! Funny, I just posted about salvia hahaha. Great blooms!

  2. Such color. Isn't it wonderful to have these cooler temperatures? The wren nest is lovely. Love those little guys.

  3. Kacky - it is a wonder anybody has anything other than sturdy salvias to post about these days. Thanks for dropping in.

    LRose - The wrens amuse me every morning, hunting for bugs on our back deck. I'm never sure whether to hope they do find plenty of bugs to eat or hope they don't find ANY bugs that close to the house.

    Thanks for coming back to visit - I've missed seeing everybody!


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