Friday, September 17, 2010

What we are really liking right now...

Pink skies in the morning...

A giant cosmos (that tall spindly thing in the center of the photo) that doesn't bloom until late September - early October (thanks for the plant ID help with that Bob!)....

I was sorry to see the flowers are small despite this plant being over six feet tall, but it is just getting started setting blooms so I am excited to see how many flowers will eventually show.

Fall obedient plants that have more blooms opening every day.

Mockingbirds attracted by poke salat and beauty berries.

Seed heads forming on the sea oats.

All this and temperatures cool enough to have the windows open for at least a bit in the morning to appreciate those pink streaked skies!  Summer weather is being slowly but surely shown the door.  Welcome, Autumn!


  1. Welcome, indeed! Really pretty photos, Deb. That giant cosmos is a rock star! Can you believe I don't have any fall obedient plants? Adding to my list.

  2. Visual feast.
    The Obedience plants enlarged look like gladioli.
    The header picture takes the cake. With multiple candles. I will now have to check the spelling of silhoute , where are my glasses. --- silhouette.
    Yes, those flag iris type leaves with the spindly bits at the end make that picture.
    So glad that your ambient temperature meets with your approval. We have to keep the windows closed to keep in the heat, well, warmth, well, coolth.

  3. Hey there Iris... That cosmos IS a rock star. Never seen one before and am watching it with fascination to see how tall it will get and how many blooms it will set. I swear I didn't buy anything like this - I wonder if the seed was somehow included in a packet of Cosmos seed that was supposed to be only the more common type? Maybe the birds planted it. More information on this one as we go along. (And without obedient plants? Get ON that Iris!)

    Jo! The obedience plants are like teensy glads - which makes ME glad. The leaves you like are a sabal palm tree - we have a clump behind a little waterfall/fountain that runs into the swimming pool. We are heading into one of my favorite times of year here - I call it our Hawaii weather. Temps that don't crawl above the 80s and cool mornings welcoming opened windows without any nasty pollen to worry over.

    Coolth. Hee hee....

  4. Your obedient plants are wonderful. They are so upstanding. I promise to give mine a little more sun so they don't have to lean over so much.
    Yes, fall will soon be on the way but let's have so dry weather, please! I wasn't the one who complained about the dry summer!

  5. Morning, LR. Aren't these cooler temperatures great? I will vote along with you for "enough" dry weather to enjoy the time outside this season. Maybe it can rain at night?

    I don't know why my obedient plants didn't fall over this year. It certainly wasn't anything I did. I'm just enjoying them upright for once - no questions asked. Thanks for dropping by!


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