Monday, February 8, 2010

On the Upcoming Occasion of Valentine's Day, An Open Mash Note to My Garden

Oh garden mine, do you really know how much I love you? Let me count the ways...
I love you for your patterns
for your produce
for your sounds and shapes and structures.
I love you for your flowers
for your herbs
and for your constant encouragement to look out the windows and get out of doors.
You are demanding, ruthless, determined to have your own way, and yet you are rewarding, generous, and constantly surprising me with your beauty. You have humbled me, taught me, fed my spirit, my senses, and my body. You have been central to some of my best - and worst moments. I cannot imagine life without you. Be mine, garden, for I am already yours.


  1. I love your garden too! Really great photos and sentiment, Deb. Thanks!

  2. How much fun to have a peek at your favorite garden views. It has a proper mix of everything--art and life and wildness.

  3. What a lovely valentine to your garden, Deb.

  4. Thanks Iris. Truth be told, I've got a bit of a crush on your garden and home too. All that wonderful color, those raised beds!

    Thank you Laura! Hope you'll drop back in again soon.

    Kathleen I appreciate your take - that proper mix is something I find and admire in your blog posts regularly.

    Pam, you are surely the bees knees when it comes to garden blogging. I am honored to have you visit.

  5. What fascinating garden decorations amidst the vegetation.
    I hope your garden can read :-)
    Or do you have shape-shifters about that can morphe into a garden gnome?
    That 78 has me flummoxed.

  6. Jo - I hope fascinating isn't code for unfortunate. : )

    The record (a 33 1/3 actually) is a rat baffle to protect the bird feeder. It has worked like a charm so far with only the slight bowing after all that heat last summer. It also provides a bit of shade/rain protection under certain circumstances but that is entirely secondary.

    I do stand around and pronounce my current sentiments to my garden beds so those lines of communication are wide open.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Deb - I love your garden. Wish you were here to help me put some personality into my yard. Of course right now I wish you were here to help us dig out from the snow!

  8. Sarah, feel free to enjoy a warmer clime vicariously as often as you'd like. I did my share of snow shoveling when we lived in Utah for 4 years. I was convinced my efforts to clear the walks and drive only become the trigger for more snow. I was not great with Real Winter, truth be told.

  9. The rain chain is enchanting! And is that an old record you are using for a squirrel baffle:)

  10. Melody, welcome! That prayer chain is one of my favorites, too. I think enchanting is the perfect description. And yup, that is indeed an old LP I am using as a baffle for the hanging feeder. It survived last summer's heat so I am hopeful it will serve for quite a while. It originally belonged to my long deceased Dad, who loved to bird watch, so I am hopeful he would approve.

    Thanks for dropping in!

  11. What a sweet way to send your garden a Valentine's bouquet! You said it beautifully for all of us. Okay, now I'm going to blow my garden a kiss!

  12. How lovely to tell your garden how much you love it. I feel guilty that I may never have told mine. First thing tomorrow morning.


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