Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picture This Photo Contest for July

The folks at Gardening Gone Wild have designated Flowering Trees as the subject of the July Picture This Photo Contest.

I really appreciate flowering trees and had a hard time settling on a shot to submit. I eventually chose this favorite from a couple of seasons ago, when Central Texas spent the first two weeks of a new year with daily high temperatures in the 70's. This was followed by a vicious three day cold front bringing battering rains that turned into what became an epic ice storm around the 15th of the month.
[click on the photo for a larger version]
The Redbud trees had apparently been tricked into early blooms, which appeared along branches then cruelly coated and weighted down with ice.

The ice caused quite a bit of damage and I had concerns we would lose this tree, one of our favorite Redbuds (Cercis canadensis var. texensis) out front. Even two years later it is still too soon to know if it will recover fully, especially now it is being treated to a second year of drought and extreme heat. So far so good however, and when I look out at our yard currently cooking in the heat of July, and then compare that view to my photos of the same areas coated with ice, I can only shake my head at how resolute the force of life is in these plants that share our spaces with us.

The photos submitted for the Picture This contests are often quite breathtaking. I have found cruising through the entry links one of the most pleasant ways ever to make the acquaintance of a lot of new gardeners with blogs who share my tendency to take photos of everything they are doing. Hope you'll drop in and see for yourself. Better yet, find your own favorite photo of a flowering tree and send in an entry. Don't dilly dally, the deadline for July submissions is Wednesday the 22nd at midnight.


  1. How pretty! We haven't had a good ice storm in almost 30 years. I don't like the damage they cause, but the beauty can't be beat.--Randy

  2. What a beautiful photo, only we gardeners are horrified by the destruction an ice storm can bring. Here in Southern CA we just have drought to worry about, but that can be just as destructive.

  3. Jamie and Randy, thanks for the comment. I agree, even though I was freaking out about the damage, I was still enthralled, wandering around with my camera for hours until I couldn't feel my fingers any more. Susie - thanks for the compliment. I agree, those of us who garden take the weather so much more seriously than those who do not. We are currently in the second year of a drought, so I feel your water pain!

  4. Great photo, it took me back to our ice storm a few years ago. Nothing quite like them for completely disrupting life as we know it.

    I had to laugh when I read the end of your post: "gardeners with blogs who take pictures of everything they are doing". That would be me! Sometimes I find myself doing a simple task and thinking "Oh, this would make a great post." Nothing obsessive compulsive about me. . .lol

  5. Yes - have to take pictures of everything, TX Deb - including the bad stuff! Your icy redbud photo is great!

    Our Cercis canadensis var texensis 'Alba' wasn't planted at the time of the ice storm but it was around for the hail in March. Hope all our trees can tough it out and survive this year's weather events.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. HealingMagicHands and Annie thanks for the "got to take a picture of this" love. When I open my photo program and it takes EONS due to the hundreds and hundreds of photos it is storing, my daughter tells me I MUST EDIT. And I know she is right, but.... Each one of the photos represents something that caught my eye or is documentation of a project worked on or more rarely, completed. It is hard to let them go!

  7. Simplistic beauty, what a fantastic photo.


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