Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Vine in Time

Certain easy to grow plants are so encouraging I wonder why it is I ever mess with anything else.

Take these Seeds of Change Granpa Ott's Morning Glory seeds for instance. I snagged a packet of them at Wheatsville on a whim Saturday. I put them into pots on Sunday and today, Wednesday, I already have plant babies poking their heads up into the sun.My Hub was slightly less than surprised. He maintains if you watch a morning glory vine for about 10 minutes you might actually see it grow.

He may be right but I continue to be totally delighted and won over whenever seeds do what they are supposed to do, and especially whenever they do it so durned promptly.

I may take a running series of photos of these plants just for fun to chronicle their rapid rate of growth. Yes, that is the kind of garden geek I am. I'll own that.

To balance the unanticipated Instant Gratification of the morning glories there is my other frustrated quest to get a good photo of the two kinds of finches routinely feeding in our yard.

We have lesser and American goldfinches both, and they are not only thrilled with the thistle in a designated bird feeder we hung but they are also busy working the seed heads of the various wild flowers growing in the back.

They are very camera shy apparently and tend to manage to stay about three feet further away from me than I need to grab clear shots. Especially taking into consideration their darting tendencies.

Here's a typical sequence....

I spot a flash of yellow diving towards the ground. It is finches, feeding on the flowers! My heart leaps. I already have the camera in my hand.

Ooof. The bird is behind the flowers from me.
I inch stealthily forward....
Did somebody hear something click?
Fly away!

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