Monday, March 2, 2009

The Case for Spring

The weather was 80 degrees one afternoon last week while today it only climbed up to 65.  

No matter.  Temperatures warm or chilled, drought or rain, Spring has most definitely sprung here in Central Texas.  Making my argument for me?
Carolina Jasmine in bloom.

Mexican Honeysuckle raising orange blooms skyward.

Bluebonnets sending out bloom spikes in earnest and....

These guys. Migratory birds, heading back North.
The verdict is in - Spring is here.  Case closed!


  1. Fantastic and cheery photos! I really must branch out in the flower department here. I did break down a buy a coupla--gasp--annuals (phlox) Friday!

  2. I love the phot of the birds. Sometimes in the spring I hear the sandhill cranes high up in the sky. It is fun to watch them. Spring is definitely in the air and fro a few days this week it was summer!


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