Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Showers Hopeful to Bring...

The Flower

All's in this flower -
Times, seasons, losses, all the fruits of woe.
Beauty's fragility, and death's bare gain,
Pluck'd in passing by, five minutes ago.
All's in this flower, the war of life and death,
God's character and purpose written down,
The force of love, the proof and power of faith
All's here, and all unknown.

Frank Kendon - The Time Piece

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  1. Thank you for knowing (and reproducing) these verses from my father's poem.

    I had wanted to quote it in a discussion forum I subscribe to and so, rather than find the book, I Googled! I was delighted to find that you had quoted it and that I could copy and paste the exact verses that I needed!



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